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Ready To Wear

“Ready to wear” is the term we use for ready-made garments, available in a finished condition to standard sizes, often available in chest sizes 34”-52” as standard and with some styles going up to 64” chest size and covering children’s sizes.

Our wide range of Ready to wear pieces are curated from a range of carefully selected brands, including our own and are a superb starting point for your tailoring requirements.

Prices start from £199 for a three-piece suit, and most suits we offer are available on a mix and match basis, which means you can have jackets, waistcoats, or trousers singularly as an alternative to the full three piece.  

Because we are all unique in body shape & size, alterations are often required on ready to wear garments to ensure you get the best possible fit, which is carried out by our own in-house alterations team.  

Alterations are not included within the suit price, so always remember with ready to wear, there may be extra tailoring costs incurred.  

With the ripple effect caused from the pandemic in supply chain and how we operate, we strongly recommend that for individual tailoring requirements, that you start the process a minimum of three months before the occasion (using our consultation process), If you are in a Jam you can visit our retail shop where there are items available to purchase, but still allow time for any alterations you might require.

For wedding parties, we recommend that you start the process 10 months before the occasion, as there are many more elements and factors to work with, all wedding and special occasion tailoring is strictly by appointment only.

If you have any questions or enquiries don't hesitate to get in touch via email

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