Made to Order

Made to order garments are a great product, allowing you to make a more personal suit that fits beautifully, but without turning to custom tailoring which is a the more expensive route. 


Sometimes you require a made to order garment if your body shape doesn’t quiet conform with the ‘ready to wear suits’ which often only come in sizes that increase by 2” increments, the other times are simply when you can’t quiet find what you are after. 


With a superb selection of cloths and linings to choose from can the perfect suit for you. 


With Made to order garments, it is like ‘building’ your garment, you select the cloth, lining, buttons and details you want from a present range. The only downside is you are limited to what is available and can not deviate from the available options. 


Like our custom tailoring you can have any of combination of Three or Two piece suit, Jacket, Waistcoat, Trousers, or shirts.


Prices for made to order garments start from £299-£699 for a three piece suit and shirts only £89, production of the garments take between 4-5 weeks, from the date the order is placed, so allow plenty of time before the required occasion to have your initial consultation, production and fitting of your garments.